Orders: According to the purchaser, the production department plans to implement the product pricing, delivery time, the buyer needs to confirm the order. 

Crafts: According to the characteristics of customer products, product planning process, the number of production fixture. 

Choice of materials: According to the demand side to provide different products industry, choose the best characteristics of the material for processing products.

Unloading: Saw, wire cutting, EDM, waterjet, plasma cutting and so on.

Forging: According to customer product materials, specifications forging, tempering process. 

Initial processing: lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, planer, grinder, machining center, wire cutting and other processing.

Insulation tempering: for a special blade material needs multiple insulation tempering, use their own organizational structure to achieve the best shear state.

Initial test: Pre-test the product to ensure the normal production of the next process.

Heat treatment: vacuum, carburizing, salt furnace, nitriding, high frequency, annealing, normalizing, tempering process.

Finishing: CNC lathes, milling machines, drilling, planer, grinding machines, machining centers, walking silk, laser piercing machines. 

Non-standard heat treatment: mirror polishing, coating and other processes.

Test: Vernier caliper, hardness tester, coordinate measuring instruments.

Packaging: wooden box, carton packaging, to ensure that the product logistics process without damage.

Delivery: The logistics and express delivery number will be sent to the customer's mailbox at the first time to ensure that the product arrives at the first time.