About shearing blades

The cutting edge used in the metallurgical steel industry for dividing steel materials must not only have sufficient shear strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, etc., but also have high heat resistance and cold resistance to the shearing red hot cutting edge. Thermal fatigue performance requirements.

Weitai Metallurgy specializes in producing all kinds of metallurgical special cold-rolled cutting edges and hot-rolled cutting edges. It has accumulated rich and mature cutting blade manufacturing experience and is supporting the production of rolling mills of major steel companies around the world. The main cutting edge products: disc shear, double shear, hot split shear, concave and convex shear, broken edge shear, disc flying shear, accident shear, fixed length shear, hydraulic shear, open blank hot shear, scrap shear, profile shear, Strip cutting and other four series of nearly 600 kinds of specifications, widely used in hot rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet, plate, steel, rod and wire, strip, spiral welded pipe, packing line and other equipment, according to the cutting edge The use conditions of the cutting edge selection and manufacturing. Processing size range: length is 8 meters, diameter is Φ1.5 meters.

Weitai Metallurgical Cutting Blade has advanced technology, complete testing means and stable quality. The cut of the sheared material is smooth and burr-free. It shows the superiority of the new material cutting edge to different degrees, thus improving the cutting quality and efficiency and reducing Labor intensity and long service life.