Shear blade material selection and blade heat treatment process are also different

Our tools: according to the customer's choice, the blade can be inlaid steel, the blade hard material coating, the friction reducing coating, the anti-stick coating process, according to the nature of the sheared product, the choice of the cutting blade material and the blade heat treatment process also have different. The blade is made in the most appropriate hardness and is not the highest hardness of the material.

According to the shape of the blade, in addition to designing and developing special machines and molds, various CNC machining machines ensure the precision of the products, and the imported grinding beds are used to achieve the most precise machining.

The blade has high precision, high pressure resistance, sharp edge, easy assembly and other characteristics, improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the blade, improve work efficiency, extend the life of the blade, and play a good realization on various types of machinery. No matter which type or size of tool, whether it is a toothed knife that focuses on laser cutting, grinding, heat treatment and grinding technology in the process, or a circular cutter that continuously and accurately bites the teeth, Or a special shape of the tool, Jiahe's most professional knife making experience, can be customized to meet the needs of customers to create customized tools.