About blade accuracy and edge

     Our Tools: Depending on the choice of the customer, the inserts are insertable, the blades are hardened, the friction coating is reduced, the anti-stick coating is applied. Depending on the nature of the product being sheared, the choice of shearing blade material and the heat treatment of the insert Different. The blade is made in the most appropriate hardness, not the highest hardness of the material. According to different blade shapes, in addition to their own design and development of specialized machines, molds, all kinds of CNC machining machinery to ensure product accuracy, and the use of Germany, Japan imported grinder in order to achieve the most sophisticated processing. Blade with high precision, high resistance to pressure, sharp edge, easy assembly and other features to improve the blade surface hardness and wear resistance, improve work efficiency and extend blade life, in all kinds of machinery to play a good cash. No matter what type and size of knives, whether it is focused on the process of laser cutting, grinding, heat treatment and grinding technology tooth-type knife, or tooth continuous precision bite neat cut off the performance of the cutter Or a special shape of the tool, the most professional knife experience, can be tailored to customer needs custom-made tool.

Parallelism: ± 0.001mm- ± 0.003mm

Thickness tolerance: ± 0.0015mm- ± 0.003mm