Slitting distribution center blade

     The blade of the shearing machine is made of good alloy tool steel. After forging, the suitable blade material, hardness and heat treatment process are selected according to the material, strength and thickness of the sheared sheet. Used for cutting general board, stainless steel, high strength board, etc. The blade has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, high toughness and high hardenability. The cut of the shear material is smooth and smooth, without burrs, improving shear quality and production efficiency, reducing labor intensity and reaching the international advanced level.

      The slitting disc cutter is suitable for the following industries: large steel manufacturing plant, steel pipe factory, non-ferrous metal processing plant, strapping material factory, coldrolling factory, packaging material factory, steel plate processing service center, steel screen factory, strip steel factory, slitting Machine manufacturers, for high-precision requirements, we can now guarantee a thickness tolerance of ±0.0005mm. For a certain inner circle, the tolerance can reach H3. All high-precision products are tested in a constant temperature room. With the continuous improvement of the precision of sheet metal processing, we have developed ultra-high-precision cutting tools whose precision has so far only matched with precision milling tools. ±0.001mm thickness tolerance, and Rao.1u surface roughness is ours Conventional standards. Using our know-how and professional knowledge, we can also meet customers' higher tolerances for thickness, parallelism, flatness, outer circle and inner circle. At present, φ1300 and φ1200 large-diameter disc inserts use high-alloy highstrength materials to produce inserts, and the production technology is a problem in China. To this end, our company expands its scale, renews large equipment, innovates technology, introduces German technology, and uses HMB materials to make disc inserts to meet customers' advantages of small shear burrs, flat sheet cuts, and blades that do not chip. The life of H13K is 2.5-3.5 times that of the same industry, while HMB is more than 5 times, and there is no chipping and blunt phenomenon. This exceeded the shear of 8,000 tons of SMS and Korean blades. The finish is high and the comprehensive benefits are obvious. At the same time, it solves the problems of high price of imported blades, long delivery time and unsatisfactory after-sales service.

     We can also attach a rubber sleeve to the outer diameter according to the customer's requirements, so that the coil material can be smoothly exported with a knife to prevent scratching; the rubber sleeve is usually made of green enamel, nitrile amide and other natural virgin rubber, which is hardened by precision scraping. (IRHD: 78 ~ 75), polyurethane spacer ring (IRHD: 80 ~ 85) blade casing materials are S45C, S50C, 65Mn, etc., of which S45C is a commonly used material. The purpose of using the blade sleeve is to maintain a certain width between the slitting knives, and to adjust the upper and lower knives and the horizontal gap; the thickness of the common blade sleeve is between 0.9mm and 100mm (the tube body is resistant) Grinding material, after forging, machining, heat treatment, leveling and grinding), the hardness is 47±2 degrees, and the thickness tolerance of the blade bushing is also controlled within 0.003m/mt. In order to reduce the weight, we can also produce aluminum spacers, the AL7075 is rejected, and the thickness tolerance is also controlled within 0.003m/mt. )